Saturday, May 7, 2011

It Is Mother’s Day Again...! :-)

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I have been wishing to blog more frequently, but somehow; never find the time or the energy due to my busy schedule or lazy vacationing. However, the second Sunday of May being “Mother’s Day” is something too special, and it is the specialty of this day that made me kick off my laziness, and just pen down a few thoughts that I have for this “Most Special Woman” of my life.

While it is very difficult to put this relationship in words, there are ways in which you can distinguish a mother from everyone else in the world. A mother’s relationship with a child is in many ways very special, and there is some sort of telepathy that works between them. While the umbilical cord that binds the mother and child is severed at child’s birth, there always remains a one-way cord that keeps the mother attached to her young one.
In fact, this is very nicely portrayed by a quote, which said, “The only day when you cried and your mother smiled, was the day of your birth”. This goes to express the intimate emotional relationship that exists between a mother and her child, and the fact that a mother can never ever be happy unless she knows that her child is happy as well.

It continues to amaze me how a mother can find whether the kid is hungry, tired or bored by just looking at the blank face of an infant, or hearing the voice of the child on phone. Probably, there is a sort of frequency where the emotions of both resonate together, and this results in the mother experiencing the same emotion that the kid does.

The other thing is, the amount of comfort and protection that a person feels in the lap of his or her mother, irrespective of age and position, it is almost unparalleled to same he can find anywhere else, and so here is appreciating the efforts, sacrifices and prayers that this self-less lady brings to your life. In fact, our society is attuned in a way that most if not all of us take our Father’s name in our full name and give him the credit for our successes, but very few of us take the time or feel the need to acknowledge the silent efforts of our mother in shaping our life.

Finally, there is a subtle difference between a mother and everyone else with respect to how they view you; while the world sees you as who you are, or even sometimes less, a mother can never see a wrong in her kid and always wishes the best for him or her. In fact, a well-known quote states, “Every boy may not be a king to his, girl...but he is always a prince to his mother.”

And so, I want to take this moment of my life to thank the most special person of my life, “Mom”. You always take time off your life when I am down in the dumps, when I want someone to listen to me patiently and when I want to crib about something out of my whimsy. More importantly, you are not only there to hear me out, but also bear the tough words or actions that may be acted on in fits of anger, and finally I thank you for always resolving my problems and forgiving my countless shortcomings and misdeeds.

So mom, on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”, which should be just another day of our lives, I just want to remind myself and express from the bottom of my heart that I will always be grateful for you being there when I needed you the most. And still being there, when I think that I do not need you or when I do not have time or patience for you.

Final Verdict:
Like I mentioned last year, there is no one and nothing in the world that can replace a mother’s love for her child. So, all I can say on the eve of the Mother’s Day is,

There is no single day that can be called something like a Mother’s Day. Considering what your mother brings to you, starting from your life itself, not just today, but each and everyday should be a “Mother’s Day”.